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Originally Posted by scumbag View Post
Great show, but Marc seems like a bit of a comedy snob - kinda like Jesse Joyce. It's okay to steal jokes, just as long as you only do stand-up, so that exonerates Carlos Mencia, but since Joe Rogan did other stuff as well, he is somehow not on the same level, heh?.

I don't think that's what he said -- he didn't exonerate Mencia or Cook. His stance was that Rogan is part of the same "lowest common denominator" that makes people like Dane Cook a star.

Personally I never buy these arguments that the current generation is far more dumb, classless, or cruder than the one that came before it, so I don't really agree with him on that front. Our parents said the same shit about us when we were kids, and now my friends are already spouting off with the "kids today" comments. Just makes me roll my eyes and remind them of all the shit they used to do.

Humans have a long standing history of "low class" entertainment going back centuries. Reality TV is just the newest incarnation of it. Don't buy the Idiocracy hype. Time goes by and the great unwashed masses are exactly the same as they've always been.
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