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In my top five of shows of all time. Now I just gotta flesh out the other four. Great work Keith and Chemda. That was just awesome.

It seemed like Marc didn't want to come right out and say his point about Joe Rogan, though he talked near it for a while: Joe Rogan was the driving force fronting Fear Factor. Fear Factor destroyed the sitcom biz which was one of the best career paths available to standup comics. Therefore, Joe Rogan was much more responsible for the plight of standups than some hack thief.

Why Marc didn't want to just lay it out like that? He recognizes that Fear Factor was only one part of the reality show wave - perhaps Survivor, the Bachelor and the Amazing Race were even bigger - and if not Joe Rogan, some other host would have been the face of Fear Factor. Sitcoms were going to be destroyed with or without Joe Rogan.

Whether or not that's an accurate observation, I thought it was a good point that Marc was bringing up and I'm glad that Keith and Chemda pressed him to explain the apparent inconsistency in his criticism of Rogan

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