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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
No way would I put Arrested Development in the same category as Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, Home Improvement, etc. There may have been a family at the center of the show but it turned that tired family sitcom laugh track format on its head.
Exactly but i wanted to mention an amazing sitcom, featuring a stand-up comedian, that used a classic format and turned it upside down.

You can say the same for "Lucky Louie".

The sitcom format had its share of duds, but once in a while, with a good comic and some good writers you had a gem that made the comedian popular.

I cant think of any reality show that stands out that way. Yet, those are the way to go if you want to make good money. Either that or act in a thousand comedies, hoping to catch a very good one sooner or later (Just think of the number of crappy stuff that Galifianakis had to do before hitting the jackpot with the hangover)
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