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Originally Posted by armenta View Post
I used to be down on hipsters, but I'm trying to be less judgemental. I have to say Williamsburgh has some nice places to eat and hang out (Rye and Dressler especially). One thing.....please, please just take hygiene more seriously. I like people who can be individuals, but when a group of you dudes get on the JMZ (Manhattan >> Brooklyn subway) and stand near me.......ha jeeze!!! Talk about an assault on the senses.

Good luck Kyle you seem like a guy with his head on straight. Glad there isn't going to be a lot of sexually frustrated conversations every damn week.......just get laid already Mike!!!
disclaimer: i am not a 'hipster'

while i do live in billyburg, i live toward bushwick, so it's actually predominantly puerto-rican. only white guy hanging out on the block, surrounded by projects.

also, i am not a trust fund kid. i moved out to new york with my girlfriend and we did it on our hard earned money, and i work full time in an office job.

fuck hipsters with their fun-employment and lack of character and depth of personality and total lack of talent.

Fun Game To Play: Ride the 'L' train from Manhattan, and watch the hipster-seeming people collect onto the train. Place bets as to who you think is a trust-fund brat (hipster). If they get off at Bedford, they are a hipster. if they get off at Lorimer, half credit, but still a hipster.
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