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Robots Have Learnt To Lie!

Not to get all alarmist with you people, but a group of robots in Switzerland have learned to lie to each other about the location of an object representing food, which almost certainly means we’re all going to die. Soon.

The robots started out hunting for an object designated “food” as a group, and if one discovered the food object before the others, it signalled its fellows with a blue light. But researchers, those meddling fools that will bring about the downfall of civilisation, mixed and matched the food-finding software of the best hunters, and then gave these super-hunters the ability to signal or not signal to the rest of the group at will.

We might expect these super-hunters to merely neglect to signal the group when food is found, to keep it all to themselves, but they’re far more clever than we thought: They actually sent out false signals to lure the other robots away from food. This is the beginning of the end, people.

source: Warning: Robots Have Learned Deception, Will Kill Us All | Gizmodo Australia
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