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Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
From Slashdot (Slashdot Technology Story | Team Aims To Create Pure Evil AI

"Scientific American reports on the efforts of Selmer Bringsjord and his team at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, who have been attempting to develop an AI possessed of an interesting character trait: pure evil. From the article, 'He and his research team began developing their computer representation of evil by posing a series of questions beginning with the basics: name, age, sex, etc., and progressing to inquiries about this fictional person's beliefs and motivations. This exercise resulted in "E," a computer character first created in 2005 to meet the criteria of Bringsjord's working definition of evil. Whereas the original E was simply a program designed to respond to questions in a manner consistent with Bringsjord's definition, the researchers have since given E a physical identity: It's a relatively young, white man with short black hair and dark stubble on his face.'"

How much you wanna bet he doesn't wear sleeves either?

The big question is...why? Did no one at the meeting for this say, "You know, fellas, this might not be such a good idea?"
One step closer to Skynet.
Not skynet, think more like the matrix or perhaps the motherbrain from metroid.
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