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Originally Posted by Babbling Bryan View Post
Lol look at that we are alike, hipster-looking hipster haters and yet a little obsessed with the culture.
Would you agree you are a hipster in the fashion-sense of the word? I share your hate for the trust-fund, wanna be poor and artsy, ironic for trend-sake hipsters but I believe that there is a level of hipster-ism that is more about not clinging to one music genre or one culture. Now this "not clinging to one culture" has led to a certain fashion style and thus a certain culture in itself which has led to the obnoxious hipsters.
Non the less I would call myself and you, judging by the pictures I've seen, hipsters, but in the good way.

Btw I use deodorant several times a day.
i read this awesome article on the difference between what a hipster is on the west coast vs. the east coast.
i am hip to the west coast. i like what i like, and it happens to be fashion and music and such.

east coast= ironic copy of a copy of individualism, which is fine, if that is what you want to hip to.

im so tired of the word though.
can't we all just be ourselves instead of clinging to a so-called movement?
i'm totally with you there bryan.
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