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Originally Posted by Kydizzle View Post
i read this awesome article on the difference between what a hipster is on the west coast vs. the east coast.
i am hip to the west coast. i like what i like, and it happens to be fashion and music and such.

east coast= ironic copy of a copy of individualism, which is fine, if that is what you want to hip to.

im so tired of the word though.
can't we all just be ourselves instead of clinging to a so-called movement?
i'm totally with you there bryan.
West coast hipsters, east coast hipsters, I call em good hipsters and bad hipsters. But yeah I am getting tired of the word hipster. One last thing I kinda see the whole hipster thing as an vampire vs goth issue, but you need to have seen southpark to get that reference.

What I'm trying to say is: welcome, and I think we'll get along.
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