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those are good sized kittens. Keep in mind that they won't be able to drink from a bottle very well once teeth begin to break through. You'll need to teach them to eat once that happens. Mix soft food with formula, put in mouth, hold mouth shut, kitten swallows and develops an insatiable appetite.

I've only had to bottle feed one kitten and that was a lot of work, but she started pretty young. If you have to fatten that many kittens by hand you have your work cut out for you. Ask friends for help.

My kitten took her bottle well until her teeth broke. I had to rub her tummy very gently after feeding to help digestion, but that was mostly when she was really really small. Be sure to put them in the litter after you feed them and don't let them out til they poop. It will teach them what litter is for. My kitten never had to be litter trained after I took that advice. My kitten had trouble learning to eat solid food. It was really really hard and she would mostly spit it out. She got pretty hungry before she caught on, but I taught her with the above described method.

I'm sure that they all are a little different. Yours are probably easier because they had littermates and the mother didn't abandon them immediately after birth. I've never actually heard of a mother abandoning a litter after several weeks. When I found mine she weighed 3oz and the vet I called told me to not even bother, she was too premature and underweight (they should weigh at least 4oz at birth). I tried and she grew into a cat. shrug
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