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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I think it was more of a nostalgic thing in the beginning. Every gamer i know has played the original, even likes it more than Doom. But the new generation of gamers like other stuff and better games. Right now, if you do a shooter with a shitty or no multiplayer, you have to do something creative with the rest of the game. Like Bioshock. Shooting at nazis with almost no AI, with weapons that look like a slightly dumber version of doom and stuff like "slowing down time" (c'mon...) is not that fun anymore...
I think you've got it right. The disheartening thing is how great the Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Enemy Territory multiplayer was, it's like they took a step back.

And yeah, I don't think slowing down time can really be called a feature anymore. Having said that, have you seen Singularity?
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