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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I didnt really care for Red Faction, i have to say. The trailer seemed nice, but i was afraid it was another Crisis/Halo derivative.

What i would like to see in a game is shooting but with some sadistic creativity (I know it's not a shooter, but i like how in Arkham you can take down people in different ways). If the time bending in Singularity can be used to do fucked up stuff, it could be lovely. Then again, i'm a person who would love to do a shooter where you can use the portal gun and everyone says i'm talking nonsense...
I wouldn't call Crysis or Halo original but I get what you mean. From my understanding, it's mostly fun because you smash things.

Yeah, we need some of that, I think Splinter Cell might take care of that a bit. Those counters in Arkham are brutal, I love it! As for the portal shooter, I suspect that's what Episode 3 will be doing and you could always do the trick to get it in Half Life 2 and it's episodes.
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