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Originally Posted by willyd View Post
While there are probably good uses for this type of application (replacement arms for amputeesí and better robots for manufacturing) you know that this is going to make it into some kind of humanoid type robot some day.

High-Speed Robot Hand Demonstrates Dexterity and Skillful Manipulation | Hizook
I shared this video with some of the folks in the sociology department... and it depressed the #@!! out of everyone. If you think about economies of scale and the types of human labor a robot like this could accomplish more efficiently than humans (at even a cup of rice a day), it's really, really, creepy. When IBM's Deep Blue surpassed chess champion Gary Kasparov's abilities, they disassembled it and put it in storage (no doubt they found Deep Blue too creepy to have hanging around). Who is going to disassemble these high-speed hands? I think they're too creepy to have hanging around. And I think at one point in the video it was giving us the finger. I see you high-speed hand. I see you.
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