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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I still find him hilarious.

The story Keith mentioned is a scene in his doc "Let america laugh". A very drunk fan invites him to a party and starts talking to him and ramble a lot. Cross films him and puts the bit in a sarcastic context where he's next in the shot to a rambling homeless guy.

He's not a dick in the Dane Cook/I'm a star way... It's just that his who˛le humour and personality are dripping with smug sarcasm and he always exhudes that. I know people who met him and said that he's actually a nice guy but he's one of those persons that is always on the edge of humoring you and in a very cruel way. Not surprisingly he rubs keith the wrong way. But he has a unique brand of humour. When he hits,m he hits HARD.
David Cross is funny as fuck. I can't wait till his book is in paperback (is it yet?) so I don't have to read it in snippets at the bookstore. Graft vs. Host will always have me laughing.
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