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Amazingshite, don't get ahead of yourself. Audacity is what you need (it handles multiple streams, editing of the recordings, and encoding), and depending at your needs, then just spend a bit on decent microphones and headphones. A decent sound-card in the computer should be enough, though if it gets serious, then consider investing in a mixer. And don't forget to do the show somewhere where there isn't a lot of ambient noise, and not too big a room to prevent echo and the like. If you're really serious, then you can insulate the walls and whatnot to cut down on outside interference.

Though if you're just starting a podcast, it's probably not worth dropping a few hundred on equipment. Get a few shows under your belt and then start upgrading. And most importantly, make the show interesting, and not just some generic podcast that talks about technology or the like. The main thing is to bring something new to the table.

If you really need suggestions, then like Michael G said, ask Matt B. Other than being a genuinely nice guy, he also has a breadth of knowledge about this sort of stuff.
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