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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Gotta say though, the "BNo Russian" level is one of the most harsh, brutal and gut wrenching sequences i've seen in a game since the nuke in Modern Warfare 1.

Infinity Ward has balls.

I didn't find it brave so much as a cheap way to shock people and bait tabloids into promoting the game.

Worse still, it's a poorly designed, poorly written cheap shock:

The American infiltrated the Russian organization in a single day because rewrites and foreshadowing are for losers, you don't have to shoot the civilians but you can't shoot the terrorist or - again - make any impactful choice whatsoever, there's no clear idea of what this Makarov wants, of what you as a CIA agent are there to achieve or of why they don't just arrest/shoot him there and then.

No stakes, no motivation, no reason but it sure was shocking shooting those civilians! Or it would have been if they bothered to vary the models, instead of having you shoot the same handful of innocents over and over again. Maybe they were traveling to an octuplet convention.

But wait! It's all part of the terrorist plan to frame an American! Once they find your body they'll know you're CIA because 1) the CIA would train someone so well that he can infiltrate a terrorist organization in a day but once someone finds his body, they'll know he's American, even after being shot in the face. 2) knowing this, the CIA would obviously just leave you there after allowing a massacre to happen and you to be framed for it 3) terrorists don't show up on security cameras, which presumably is why they don't bother with disguises.

I've defended games many a time from people who read far too many tabloids and play far too few games but when the object of controversy is so lazily slapped together in a cynical way to generate attention, I just find myself disappointed and disgusted.
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