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Modern Warfare 2

I liked the No Russian level, I wasn't sure If Makarov would notice I wasn't killing people, so I shot a few that were already bleeding out. oh and the cops dumb enough to take on 4 dudes with full-auto weapons and armor. they deserved it.

I think the level was put in there to shock and get free press, and it worked. But it may have been done to see how evil this Makarov character is. To maybe get you to want him dead.

I consider MW2 an interactive action movie. Do you go see the newest Die Hard or Rambo because you want an Oscar-winning performance and story? No, you're there for the action. Going in with this attitude, I liked it a lot. And the concept was great, the locations interesting. And having to fight off the invading army in very familiar looking locations was pretty awesome.

Multiplayer is way improved and more fun. I thought I would hate the call sign things, and people being able to call in AC130's, Nukes, etc.. but it's actually hard to pull those things off. I don't see them often, if ever, at least someone call in a Nuke or EMP.
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