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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Exactly. And it woks aces on that. The first one had some moents that left me with my heart in my throat. And this one delivers even more (COD 5 kinda sucked on that level)

BTW if anyone has some good reccomendation for any action game with BIG cinematic power, please say it. I'm a sucker for good gameplay but The movie feel gets me even more (Arkham has it in spades).
hmm.. well it may be old, but Dreamfall Longest Journey had a GREAT story. But there isn't much shooting or killing. It's a 3rd person game. It's cheap on ebay, here's a review. I loved the game. You do sit there for minutes watching the "movie"

also COD4 story awesome, COD5 shit, COD6 very good
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