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Carr's book really motivated me when I read it a few months ago. I quit for a few days but started again a few days later. Smoking may be a poor crutch but it was the straw that would have broke my Ex's back if I hadn't started again.

Divorce + No Cigs = Homicidal Urges

I bought the book for my current girlfriend and am ready to give it up again myself. I might try to download the audiobook.

I highly recommend the book. It's not magic but what it did for me was nearly miraculous. It helped me let go of the fear of quitting. That has to be the biggest obstacle for most of us. Even the thought of quitting scares the hell out of me.


Go for it, you have nothing (at all) to loose.

Actually, I think I just convinced myself. I'll be smoke free by the weekend. Who's with me?

EDIT: Just bought the audio book on itunes.

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