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I was diagnosed with cancer, I got the phone call to confirm my blood test & I quit on the spot, there and then, fucking simple ........ that was 6 years ago. Now I just see smokers as retards (like I used to be), just my opinion though, if you do smoke, then you carry on by all means ...... but I'm not taking the risk .... my cancer wasn't smoking related, but having had 36,000 spent on curing me I didn't want to take the piss .........

if you want to quit, you can, it's a fucking stroll in the park ........

seriously? go visit a cancer ward, spend a whole day there, believe me, self help CD's, nicotine gum, hypnotherapy? all utter bullshit, 8 hours watching the big C in action and you get a new found desire for life .........

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