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Put it out and leave them alone

There is no easy way, its a drug. The only way you can quit is if you really want to. Just put the cigarette out and don't smoke again. If you are serious about quitting you will. I started having pretty bad anxiety attacks at the beginning of this year. First one I had I thought was a heart attack, chest pains numb arms etc... That scared me enough to not light up another cigarette. So its been almost a year now, and I feel like a different person. Besides of course still having some anxiety shit to sort out, not smoking has made me realise exactly how disgusting and how much it fucks your body up. Its probably as hard as illegal drugs to give up
(not that i would know0, especially if you are long time smoker, and non of the smokers want lectures , because we all know how bad it is for you. But once you are addicted there is no get off easy way to quit. Its a fucking shitty habit with shitty side effects. I hope more people reading this thread give it up soon, you will realise in a few months how much better you feel about yourself. I can walk longer, I am not tired anymore, I can taste and smell better, its all better. I fucking hate that I ever started the stupid habbit, but glad I am done with it....
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