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Kevin Smith mentioned awhile ago about how the 70 thousand people on his official forums would constantly argue and be pricks, and how it made him hate the internet. But on twitter he has 1.5 million followers who only say nice things, and it made him love the internet. I thought that was really interesting and weird. For some reason, forums are a breeding ground for confict.

Anyway, here's a quick rundown of how I edit standup. I thought it would be easier than freeform editing, but it's actually much harder. There's not a lot of room for creativity. Instead it's almost constant problem solving.

First, there's the removal of unusable footage. Sometimes the digital video glitches out, with the footage exploding into messed up pixels for a few seconds. The auto focus also occasionally focuses on the wrong thing, making everything blur. So all that gets tossed immediately.

The second round is to try not to use shots where someone is walking in front of the camera, the camera is moving, or Keith's head is cut off. I also try not to use shots of the back of Keith's head, obviously.

Round three is to try to edit in the way Keith & Chemda prefer for standup: Mainly trying to keep Keith's arms visible when he gestures, and doing camera angle changes during back and forth conversations when possible.

All of that leaves things pretty straightjacketed -- not a lot of wiggle room for creative thinking. This standup was actually easier to edit than the pro dvd recordings, because the cameras were static. Those camera guys at the yearly shoot are all over the place sometimes. They get a little too fancy for an editor's good.

Generally I just go with my gut on editing, and when I watch back I let my reptile brain decide if something feels weird. I remember I tried to edit Sue Everybody with the sound off, just going by Keith's gestures. It was a disaster, it felt like an alien edited it, so I started over.

So, 3 camera shoots are a weird thing to edit. I definitely prefer putting together hot dog challenges and stuff like that. Way more room to experiment. With standup there's no way to do some kind of brilliant, clever edit. You just gotta try not to get in the way of the standup itself. With the Chili Off, you might be able to notice that I did something cool. With standup, you're probably only gonna notice if I do something that feels off. Way less fun.

I thought the camera setup worked really well, especially considering the small space of the Bowery Poetry Club. It was also pretty sweet not to have to set that stuff up myself, it was just done, like magic! I think it was Newsy, Corey Wookietv, and one of the Mikes upstairs? Several guys named Mike in NY, so I'm not sure which one. But fine job all around!

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