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my non douche review of Keith's stand up

First, thank you for giving it away. great teaser.

The standup is definately more funny than Dice. However, I thought the material on the show over the last few months was 2X as funny as this standup. While I don't think Keith repeated any jokes, there were sure referances from the podcast. Which I also think is a good thing as it shows new listeners what to expect. I could relate to the material and found it very general but in no way corny.

However, I felt there were a few instances that seemed as if there was slight stumble. Also, the repeated use of the past girlfriend which he used to live with made the bit drag on.

Overall, I give this performance a very solid and respectable A-. The performance was funny and relatable. However, the material did not seem as polished as you would expect and seemed rushed or hastily put together.

Good job. thanks for the laughs
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