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Originally Posted by amikaligula View Post
Finally had time to start Dragon Age: Origins. Not a big fan of Baldur's Gate and some of the same stuff that annoys me there annoys me here, but it's pretty good. Not really digging the ally AI system, but that's possibly because I haven't figured it out fully yet. If I ever bother to try we'll see.

Read Dead Redemption looks kick ass.
Dragon Age is basically a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate so the same stuff will annoy and elate, which format are the playing it on?

Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
I just bought a Laptop and Its good enough to run a few games.

I love the demo for World of Goo, but kind of feel 20 bucks is a little high. Also really dug torchlight, but I needed muliplayer to justify it over a 3 dollar version of diablo2.

Speaking of Diablo 2, Thats what im playing. Where was I, when this game came out.

Oh and Civ4 is THE SHIT!!!!

I will give Team fortress a try this weekend.
I hear so many good things about Torchlight but it really needs to be online - until then it's more an improved version of Diablo 1 than Diablo II. Fortunately, they're working on a free MMO.

Fistbump for the Diablo 2/Civ4/TF2 combo.
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