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Originally Posted by better dylan View Post
So they are going to these retarded lengths to get that metal right? And this metal sells for some retarded amount of money back on earth, like 200 million dollars an ounce.

Who the fuck is buying all this? Where are they getting this extravagant amounts of cash? and what they fuck are they making with this stupidly expensive metal?
I imagine it will be explored a bit more in the sequels, but it boils down to a literary device to give reason for conflict.

What do you think a rock with anti-gravity built in might be worth here on Earth, anyway? I thought the price was cheap considering the expense of obtaining "Unobtainium". I think Mars and moon rocks, which have little or no practical value, sell for millions an ounce...

I don't know, I don't see your problem, maybe go into a bit more detail?
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