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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I wonder if therte were people who discussed at length the inplausibility of physics in the Star Wars series in person, before the internet came out.

I'll have to quote my father, who tought of himself as an history buff, and once, in one of our sporadic meetings, saw an ad for "300" and said "What a bunch of hollywood bullshit. Spartans didnt look like a bunch of fags like that" (translated from italian and hazy memory, so forgive the evntual inaccuracy)
Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
Your old man is right about 300, motherfuckers look like a bunch of sissy dancers not warriors.
Same can be said about almost all the movies that are box office hits... Directors/producers try to create a more and more visual representation of the events to keep people's attention... (we notice it more when it occurs in historical content) people are not used to a story anymore and just expect eye candy... One of the reasons i wont bother seeing Avatar... looks like a 2 hr long video game...
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