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The name unobtanium doesn't tell us what this mineral actually is, but the name implies it was previously impossible to find. In older sci-fi and intellectual exersizes, "unobtanium" was used to name a material that perfectly solved a problem (except that it doesn't exist yet or is impossible to get). Suppose this element is the key to a drug that stops aging as long as you take it daily. Scientists have figured out the whole recipe, but one of the required ingredients is only theoretical...until a planet is explored and found to have it. Can you imagine the price that would get today? Or what world leaders would do to get it?

Also, this is set so far in the future that humans have travelled to distant planets. Look backwards 100 years and tell people then they need to pay $200,000 for a house. The average annual income in 1910 was $574.

$20mil/kilo for the element is not crazy for the setting of the movie.
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