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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I dont like 300, and yeah it looks like a bunch of stylized gay pornstars spurting CGI blood but i dont think it was supposed to be historically accurate.
Historical accuracy doesn't matter to me as long as I get a charge out of the fight scenes. I mean, I know in every single movie I see it's not real fighting but a skilled director will create tension in that action and make you wince a little when the blows are landed. 300 had none of that visceral thrill, the supposed badasses just didn't come across like badasses.

What stops Avatar being in the same league as those other sci-fi or fantasy classics is that even though Avatar has 3D action it only has 2D characters. There's nobody in Avatar that's even half as entertaining as Han Solo or Captian Kirk or even that lovable, magical old homo Gandalf. Avatar will be remembered for it's technological achievement but in 10 years nobody will talk about it the way they do now about The Matrix or Aliens or Star Wars. It's just too fucking goofy.
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