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I saw the previews, so I expected the story to be shit, Dances With Wolves IN SPACE! I have told people to go see it in 3D, but don't bother without it. The star of this film is the 3D. There is no plot twist, and nothing happens that you don't see coming at least an hour before it happens. You know what he's going to choose to do, you know how he's going to unite the clans, you know what's going to happen with him and the chick, and you know how it's going to end, all LONG before it gets there. It's as predictable as a romantic comedy. This script was written by focus group study and statistical analysis of what had been done before.

I enjoyed the movie because I went in there expecting that. I was going to the theater for fun and to see the cool new special effects, not expecting some great story with unique plot twists.
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