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I almost didn't go see it because of the techie hype and reviews about a boring story.

It's fucking space dances with wolves filmed using new technology. It was awesome. It wasn't as good as Dances, but it was pretty great and the story definitely didn't suck.

The only really lame thing about it was the marine leader character. Over acted, stupid dialouge, etc. He could have been rewritten a lot better. He should have had some conflict about doing what he did, rather than be a sure-of-himself redneck type. The one gung-ho gunner guy shouldn't have been in there either. The bad guys were just to black in general. Dark gray would have been better.


The use for the mineral doesn't matter. It just represents the thing of value men are wiling to kill for, disregarding any and all ethics or morals. It's oil in Iraq or land in 1830s America.
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