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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Mass Effect grew on me. IT's fucking huge, and that's a plus. The universe is immense and designed beautifully (even the map on the ship is great to look at). The unvierse behinfd the story is extremely interesting, especially if you're into poetic/philosphical sci-fi, wioth every single race and character having a detailed backstory behind them. The style of the actoion took me a while to get used to and some charcters are way less interesting than others (I think that Wrex is much a fascinating character than Ashley, for example, while Kaidan and Shperd himself look like stereotypes), but that might have been ruined by the horrendous dubbing of my version (couldnt get rid of it).

I would like to see more of those type of cinematic/atmospheric games, whatever the type of game is, on PC. It seems that the more epic stuff only comes out on ps3 or xbox (like Uncharted).
It's lovely isn't it? I like that even the architecture is thought out. I had to change Shepard, way too generic otherwise (now a lady!)

Originally Posted by naberdy View Post
I couldn't remember the name while you were putting your list together but I definitely recommend Metal Saga for the PS2. It's an adventure game where you get to build personalized tanks for your characters to ride in.
Thanks, I'll keep an eye out. Just got Klonoa 2 and Gitaroo Man today.

Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
"gta: Chinatown wars" Is fucking awesome.
Isn't it just? It feels like what GTA 3 would have been if it stayed 2D, the DS version is impressive and the PSP one looks even better.
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