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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
You cheeky bastard Marcos; "misread you" my ass. 33 years I've been talking English and listening to it spoken by people from every nation under the sun, not to mention hundreds of thousands of hours hearing it from American TV, films, radio and podcasts. And yet I still run across phrases used in a way I've never heard before.

And that is your miracle Saint Marcos. You took a phrase that's established to mean one thing and converted it to mean another.
Thanks? (But seriously, it was a play on words, re-read it in its original context with that in mind. Somewhere in my comments I make repeated mention that I didn't think it was good story-tellling.)

Originally Posted by TeddyPicker View Post
Didn't read through the whole thread, but I have this question:

The humans need to wear oxygen masks to be able to go out into Pandora. I'm assuming that means there's no oxygen on the planet. Why, then, can Jake light a match, fire a gun, and there's water to drink... I thought that all required the presence of some oxygen.

*slurp* annnnnnd done.
I don't think there was no oxygen, merely that something in the air was poisonous to humans (cyanide?).

Also you can fire a normal gun in outer space.

*slurp* <--Not in a nerd way, more in a Teddy Picker is hawt way.
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