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Sorry to everyone that I haven't been keeping up with this thread.
Originally Posted by Saint Marcos View Post
Okay, but you said it was 'the story of Unobtanium'. My point is that since it is an entirely replaceable concept, including being able to exchange it with something vastly different (e.g. someone 'wants his castle built there') and still get to the same place, it seems a ridiculous piece to focus on as to why you "hate the movie".

So you "hated" it because they didn't explain what Unobtanium was. . .
From Wikipedia: "....unobtainium is a humorous concept for any extremely rare, costly, or physically impossible material needed to fulfill a given design for a given application."* Unobtanium is now explained. In fact, calling it Uobtanium actually very clearly says, "Hey, this thing is not the point of the movie, accept it for being silly & move on."

Are you upgraded to 'okay' with the film now? or is Cameron responsible for your lack of knowing what something was? If you didn't know what a Marine was, was he supposed to stop & explain why they are stereotyped for being arrogant, having, little regard for life, and have a win-at-any-cost mentality? or would you have simply been able to realize that the colonel guy was a jerkoff from way back and move on. (To be clear, I also didn't previously know what unobtainium was, but I also found it clearly irrelevant enough to move on & didn't hinge my entire like or dislike of the movie to it, as you have stated you have.)

*It should be mentioned that the Wikipedia entry barely mentions Avatar at all, and when it does, its only in passing. I only point this out so that it is understood that the entry isn't based around the movie, its based around Unobtanium and its past uses & references.
You are ignoring the second half of my original post which boils down to economics. One ton of this stuff costs 74 trillion dollars. Ten tons would (i assume) bankrupt the entire planet.
Originally Posted by Ansur View Post
Please go read my explanation back on page 2. If you disagree, let me know.
The arguement of inflation doesn't hold water because they already explained that sending people out there was "very expensive" thus unobtainium would need to be more expensive to make it worth while to get.

Originally Posted by spooky View Post
To put this in something more up to date(I assume many if not most haven't seen Notorious), if I had to guess, I would bet that Dylan hated Pulp Fiction because whatever was in the suitcase was a huge plot hole, as it was deliberately left unexplained. Thus, Pulp Fiction sucked, as Dylan never would have gone after the suitcase.
No actually leaving it unexplained makes perfect sense. It was the fact it was given a stated name and value that created the plot hole.

Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
The unobtanium struck you as the most unexplained story element? This is not even worth expanding. That's just stupid.

No I didn't say it was the most unexplained story element. It's just the one that pushed my dislike of the movie into the hate realm.
Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
The economics didn't bug me, we weren't told anything about the economic reality back on Earth beyond knowing that Unobtanium is worth mining for so there's no context in which it can fail.
I see what you mean that we don't have a context for the economy of earth but the do talk about the expense of sending people out and the astronomical price of growing an avatar.

Originally Posted by Saint Marcos View Post
I'd like to think that better dylan simply overstated his subject line when saying "what makes me hate the movie avatar" -- to hinge your whole opinion of a movie on this single innocuous detail is silly. As though, if it weren't for the lack of description, he would have LUVED it. (And, as you mention, its clearly not a 'plot hole', although BrownEyedBtch continues to call it one.)
I should have said "what pushes my dislike of the movie avatar into the realm of hate." There were plenty of other things I didnt like about it but this is just something i just kinda cant stop harping on.

Originally Posted by Saint Marcos View Post
Then I feel tricked -- Not Nice.

But seriously, sensationalistic headlines doesn't make the focus in the body of his 'article' any less silly when there are numerous other valid things to poke at,
It's a totally valid arguement.
Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post

I trust Dylan. And obviously he's going to disagree with me. So he will self-destruct.
You're right.
Ya know what just occured to me is last quarter in school I took microeconomics. I'm in no way proclaiming myself an economist or saying I know more of economics than anyone here. I am saying that my recent exposure to the rules and concepts of economy could be the reason this bugged me so much.

Once again sorry this took so long to get back to.

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