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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
First peeks:

Dragon Age

Whoa. I normally do not like fantasy rpg's but this game feels like peeking into another universe. I actually like the voiceless, disembodied aspect given to my charcter (although i wouldnt trade it for my smooth talking, mind fucking, Sheperd).
The intro is simply breath taking. Very good


I know that in this neutered sterile age, kids dont smoke pot anymore but let me say this. When me and my oldest friends were puffing out in front of a PSX while playing Wipeout... This was what we were dreaming of. You can call it an addictive game, a great idea, but this is a stoner dream projected by a stoner for stoners. That's the thing you build a giant playlist and loose yourself in the vortex. For Days, equipped with Amnesia Haze and brownies.


Mass Effect

Perfect., The greatest game i've played up in competiton with Arkham.
It's a game that doesnt only train you to face your enemies or obstacles, but it has you make tough decisions that are even harder, considering thed depth of the relationships that you find yourself into with the other characters.

And if that isnt enough,watch this spoilerific dialogue (or dont watch it if you havent played the game) delivered by the most frightening antagoinist (well almost) ever:

You are playing a lot of great games. Isn't Audiosurf just a brilliant thing? There five different opening for Dragon Age, which faction/race did you pick?

Originally Posted by rhesusattack View Post
Anyone checked out that Darksiders game? I watched a bit of it this morning and it seemed neat and like a straight-up Zelda clone on the 360, which I am okay with.
I've heard good things, I admit I dismissed it as a God of War clone but I hear it's a nice hybrid of Zelda and God of War.
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