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A PC/Mac version of charming platform Qwak is on a brief pay £whatever you want sale. You can get it here.

Video here.

Heavenly Sword
Recently finished this after borrowing it. At first I dismissed it as a God of War clone and, while it's certainly similar, it does have it's own identity and art style.

The production values are very high, from the score to the Andy Serkis directed cut scenes (he also acts as the villain via mocap and seems to be channelling Alan Rickman in Prince of Thieves) and there's some pretty - if entirely linear - environments.

The combat isn't nearly as strong and does get repetitive but what kept me hooked was the well made cut scenes and quirky ideas like steering arrows/cannon balls/bodies after you launch them and throwing hundreds of enemies at you.

It's short but it's worth playing.

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