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Originally Posted by BrownEyedBtch View Post
The only reason I can think of that the movie continues to make so damn much money is because the word is going around that it must be seen in IMAX 3D. So people who already saw it in regular format are seeing it again in 3D. Otherwise, I don't really know why the movie would make so much money. It was beautful and an okay story, but not one worth seeing two or three times in the theaters.
Yep, and not only are some people seeing it more than once because of that but they're paying twice the price they would have paid to see Titanic back in the late 90s. Inflation (and now the added cost of 3D) fucks these kinds of stats right in the asshole and the record is essentially meaningless unless you see it in context.

All Time Box Office Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation
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