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Originally Posted by Ansur View Post
You may think the record is meaningless, but watch the studio execs reactions to it. If this movie had flopped like some predicted, we wouldn't see another big risk taken on a movie like it for a while. Showing that people will pay extra to see a rehashed story in 3D only adds to the weight.

Now, the movie would need to hit $2.4bil to beat the adjusted-for-inflation number #1 spot of the 1939 Gone With the Wind release. It would need to hang on for about 20 more weeks to do that, and I'm not sure the fan base is there for that, no matter how many crazy websites I see.
That's a fair way to look at it, it's not really the record itself that's significant but it's hugely significant that Cameron's massive gamble, and the gamble Fox took on him, has paid of in spades. You could say this bodes poorly for the future of narrative blockbuster cinema but then you'd remember that shithouse blockbusters like Transformers 2 have been made all along. I'm hoping screenwriting standards don't drop further just because the cinematographer has this fancy new toy. I guess get some idea when Spielberg and Jackson wheel out Tintin. Both of those guys have made narratively suspect movies lately so they're no more surefire than Big Jim is.

Speaking of crazy websites, I assume you're talking about those Avatards posting about how they suffer from depression at knowing they'll never have the opportunity to travel to Pandora in real life. Or fuck a 9 foot thundersmurf.

Originally Posted by spooky View Post
Is there a way to see it in terms of actual inflation of the dollar, or is it only available by calculating ticket prices?

I'd like to see rank by number of tickets sold and rank by money made, as seeing the ticket price comparisons when the experience isn't really comparable doesn't do much for me. I wouldn't pay but maybe $2 a ticket if I was forced to see a film in a 30's era theater(maybe less), but I would pay $10 for surround sound, air conditioning, digital projectors and stadium seating.
No idea, but if anyone is going to have that data it's probably boxofficemojo so you could do worse than poking around there.
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