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Originally Posted by spooky View Post
Is there a way to see it in terms of actual inflation of the dollar, or is it only available by calculating ticket prices?

I'd like to see rank by number of tickets sold and rank by money made, as seeing the ticket price comparisons when the experience isn't really comparable doesn't do much for me. I wouldn't pay but maybe $2 a ticket if I was forced to see a film in a 30's era theater(maybe less), but I would pay $10 for surround sound, air conditioning, digital projectors and stadium seating.
Careful Spooky -- If you start using tickets sold, someone here will want to adjust it for urban population during the year the movie was made.

A better measure might be adjusting for availability of other options. When Gone With The Wind came out, wtf else was out there? In 1939 it was either watch GWTW, the Wizard of Oz (which few did, it was a dud in the box office), or listen to the Nazi's invading Poland over the shortwave. Choices in audio/visual entertainment are uncountable in todays world.
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