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Originally Posted by starfalsh View Post
I have SF4 also for the XBOX

I have to say it is incredible and I recommend it to everyone that can purchase it

however I got it last Feburary and I dont think it is worth it to get anymore with SSF4 comin out April 27 last I heard

Seth ftw

Yeah been playin the hell out of it atm

have to say the people online are a lot better than me heh

I play as Chun-Li/Viewtiful Joe but hoping to unlock Zero soon and play as him
Street Fighter IV was very impressive and wiped clean bad memories of Street Fighter EX. I hear Super is a reworking from the ground up so it's worth waiting for. Teaming Chun Li and Viewtiful Joe to fight anime characters is just cool.

Originally Posted by ThisIsMyUserName View Post
Steam has it for free if you preorder Bioshock 2, which is only 45$.
You save even more if you split a four pack between some friends.
Originally Posted by Sheepy View Post
As per Standardman's suggestion and the $2 it cost I went and purchased Psychonauts So far it's pretty amazing! Just a fun funny 3D platformer.

Also on my list: Bioshock (now that my computer can handle it pretty well), and Assassins Creed II which is so much better than the first. Couldn't even finish Assassins Creed cause I got so bored with doing the same thing in every city.
Awesome! It's a lovely, lively and - above all - inventive game. The above might be a be good idea for you too, Bioshock 2 (with 1) cost me 20 in a 4 pack
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