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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I agree, but i have the feeling that they tried to make the game more lean and action driven than focused on the more RPG aspects...

I impŤorted my first Shepard, so i already got used to his look, and i love how Bioware paid attention to the emotional details this time. The first one was an introduction to this immense galaxy. This one is more of an hyper-emotional thrill ride. Less peaceful, more heart pumping. Also, Sheperd is generic but that helped me immerse myself in the character (and i still like him/her more than how the player's handled in Dragon Age), and enjoy the great script. The other characters are just incredible, fully developed, three dimensional, much much more than the first squad (Just confront Ashley Williams with the set of female characters you have here).

And the cinematic stylings of every single scenes, the amount of details (how every single characters has his own body language and particular attitude). The beauty of the settings. The absorbing power of the game (i dont remember what was the last game that litterally drawed me in so deeply. When i started playing i always ended up playing for at least an hour and more and i always was on the edge).

There are flaws, especially if you wanted some more mellow, exploring oriented game (But the resource collection was a cool idea) but the goods out- do the tiny bads. There's such a scope, a general bad-assery, a cinematic power and a great atmosphere (this is an intelligent sci-fi fan's wet dream), such great characters, scenes and ideas... This series has really made me like the genre again.
I wasn't really big on Mass Effect and probably won't play ME2, but I loved the character creator in that game. I made some Chris Cooper-lookalike that was a hardass to everyone he encountered which, in my understanding, is pretty different than the template Shepard they put on the boxart to the game.
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