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Originally Posted by rhesusattack View Post
I wasn't really big on Mass Effect and probably won't play ME2, but I loved the character creator in that game. I made some Chris Cooper-lookalike that was a hardass to everyone he encountered which, in my understanding, is pretty different than the template Shepard they put on the boxart to the game.
The standard looking shepard is nothing special, but his animations are incredible in this episode. Like all other charcters, during dialogs or cutscenes (which are usually interactive) he and the other characters exchange looks, move, crack their hands, cough out of tension, touch their weapons menacingly. And all these little details are different according to youyr personality. There's this amazing options of choosing to do a renegade/paragon action during a scene where you completely change the development of what happens. And you dont know what that action will be or cause. It's usually incredibly badass and cold blooded (if renegade) or fascinatingly charismatic.

Spoilerous examples: You have to find out where a character is. You know that he's hunted by mercenary troops. You recruit yourself as a mercenary and you know you will have to kill them all eventually to protect the person you find. A 18 yo kid enters the room. You relize that in the future you'll have to kill him. The paragon icon flashes. If you click the right button you will stop him from recruiting, saving his life. There will be consequnces. If you ignore this you'll end up killing him. There will be consequences there too. Same with renegade actions. You might kill a suspect instead of interrogationg him, beat up people, hurt them. And every single action will change the rest of the game. In a BIG way.

But besides this, the game has a pace ten thousands times faster than ME1. And it's so good, so involving, that i feel like i have to reccomend it. Give it a try. It's as close to atmospheric, intelligent art as a game can get, whbile still being madly entertaining. Trust me. It's that good.
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