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- The musical section could be quite ass kicking if all the aces show up. Ben must be in, possibly couple with Jessy Delfino. Lauren and Chemda must do a double vocal duty on something. Bro Lo and Her, of course. Rob Paravonian. Why not get back Bobby Mitchell, as a guest star? F-MOS!.... (Rambles on)

-Jesse must be on for a lot of the time, possibly bringing Haley, will they already be married on the marathon's days? And Pat and Carmen.

-Give Myka Fox enopugh space and she'll bring down the house!

-Rev Jen and Faceboy must be provided with drugs, booze and many hours at the mic. If Rev Jen is on, i will call in for sex questions. Seriously.

-Someone could do a return. Someone who lives in australia, maybe? Just for the good cause? Or some beloved canadian?

-Myq on Mushrooms. That's all.
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