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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post

What ending did you get! I managed to save the whole squad and myself, but Mordin died in the end... Apparently different combinations of charcters upgrades and missions change the way things develop... Apparently there was a guy convinced that whoever you sent as specialist was gonna die but Tali made it out alive and well on my playthrough.

Anyway, having me so jacked up and eager to talk about a game is a big achievement. I cant wait for number 3...

Here is how it went for me:

Again i played as a asian looking female sniper, i lost the save from the first game, but i managed to make her look the same anyway.
In the first game i had a little Asari romance and i really tried to get Miranda this time, but i yelled at her for fighting with Jack (zero) and she never forgave me for that, so despite being able to get Jack, i instead went with Garrus. In the final battle Garrus got wounded but survived, but Thane got his head blown off while trying to close a door.I saw two coffins at the funeral and i never saw Miranda again, so i guess she got killed off camera ?

After all this i managed to go through ME1 again and this time as a tough as nails military guy that drink petrol and piss napalm.
I will get at it again and see what i missed later this month...
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