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Again i played as a asian looking female sniper, i lost the save from the first game, but i managed to make her look the same anyway.
In the first game i had a little Asari romance and i really tried to get Miranda this time, but i yelled at her for fighting with Jack (zero) and she never forgave me for that, so despite being able to get Jack, i instead went with Garrus. In the final battle Garrus got wounded but survived, but Thane got his head blown off while trying to close a door.I saw two coffins at the funeral and i never saw Miranda again, so i guess she got killed off camera ?

Apparently, if you play a female charcter you can get lady/lady romance only with Kelly Chambers... The side you pick during the Jack/Miranda fight is very important. Both do not forgive you if you take the other one side, but if you got enough paragon points you can keep their loyalty (which is fundamental to the ending). Everyone who dies is clearly shown on camera, so if there were two coffins, someone else died and you maybe missed it. Basically the survival of each member is completely dependent from getting upgrades and gaining their loyalty. it think that the Jack/Miranda fight can be done without taking sides even with high renegade, probably instead of the smooth talking diplomat you'll just tell them to shut the fuck up before you snap their necks, or similar... Having Miranda on my side made her resign from Cerberus and tell The Illusive man to stick it, and THAT was great. People i've spoken with have testified that with each playthrough things changed. I think that's just amazing.

It's also interesting how the "Romance" side is handled this time. They criticized the first one for having sex scenes, and they were missing the point. In this one the scenes are incredibly part of the emotional side of the story. and they are pertinent to the character you choose to have it with. Jack can litterally rape you or heal her emotional wounds. Miranda fucks like a pornstar but has no love in it. And Tali... I still have to try this one, but during the romance dialog options, she has the sweetest, most innocent and pure reactions of the bunch (she's still my favourite character)

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