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This thread is derailed -- Spooky was talking about people in equity, and a distressed rural (or metro) area that was close enough to drive to a new job.

I live just outside of Detroit. I've had serious conversations with friends and neighbors about buying a literal neighborhood down there, or at least a street or two. And make no mistake, there are many shitholes down there (last Friday I saw a 15 story building that was literally torn in half, like the Fed building in Oklahoma), but there are very affordable, reasonably-nice homes with curb appeal even in downtown Detroit (Click Here For nice Example at $17,500)

The problem isn't price or economy, its that these aren't good places to live. Could Spooky live there? sure, if he can find his buried knife so he has some protection, but most people with big mortgages have families and my wife & 6yo daughter don't really have a place in downtown Detroit, even if me & the neighbors did go buy a whole city block.

In the end, you have to go rural w/your idea -- and depending on where, I think people would rather rent than move away from schools & friends that they're comfortable with.

"Hahaha too easy" -- Trent said in the thread about the story about Trent
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