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Where is the President Obama poll equating intelligence to presidential ability(or lack thereof)? Or the poll on if you believe the President will continue to lie? Why are all the Obama supporters deflecting so much, why have they been so quiet in the last few months? The poll asking, now that we have seen what a lack of experience equals, would you vote another inexperienced candidate for president? Where is the poll on hope? Any of these would be more relevant and possibly induce discussion.

Palin, however, is a talking head with a lowest common denominator of perceived "everyman" values, nothing more, done and done. Stop giving her credibility with this sort of crap.

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To be fair, to really follow Spooky's diet, you can't just eat chicken. You have to spend your days cleaning up after a slob roommate and night shivering like a rain soaked rage filled chihuahua about having to clean up after said roommate until you finally snap and yell at him. It should be called the Mexican maid diet.

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