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Originally Posted by rhesusattack View Post
but they're also big nerds and talk a lot about pc gaming.
Fuck yeah!
Originally Posted by Sheepy View Post
I remember playing Indigo Prophecy (same developer) and hating the "make the right choice or game over" thing. The reviews I've read so far about Heavy Rain though seem to all say that is not at all the case. How you choose to respond and react affects, if only in a very slight way, one of many (I didn't catch a number) outcomes. I honestly like the idea and love the idea of a visual "Choose Your Own Adventure" and might be looking at purchasing it (haven't decided yet... may just rent it). I can't wait to play it nonetheless!

Edit: Should mention that one of the reviews I read, the guy actually attempted to kill one of the main characters you play as. Still no game over, just clues you will miss and a different ending.
Farenheit/Indigo Prophecy felt like a prototype in a lot ways. i loved it but it was a first attempt at something bigger.
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