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Granted, but no matter how many songs you listen to you can't get Mmm Bop out of your head for the rest of eternity.

I wish I wasn't so tired today.
you are now awake addicted to meth; your life is awesome you sell drugs, and make an honest and financially viable living, you have 5 bitches that whore themself out to you for your product, you also have their children who adore your product, after 5 years, you have 5 children and give your 5 children children of their own, soon thereafter all of your children and your childrens chrilden who get their drugs from the same place procreate, and your life becomes chaos with little crooked babies running around; so you decide to make a front and launder money. A crooked, charity for crooked babies, you have people march and run to support you, you launder lots and lots of money, and when you are 34 an anvil falls on your head and you die. now the charity is run by the crooked kids and they can't figure out the taxes and are arrested, for tax evasion, in jail your children procreate with the gaurd, who becomes all 5 of their husbands, his children take control of the charity and reinstate it, after much talk they fight amongst each other leading to a shootout, leaving only one great crooked sister alive, throughout her life, she run's the charity good while sleeping with inmates for their brownie coupons, her obesity overcomes her and she looses both legs from diabetes. She now becomes the spinner at the jail and her prostitution doubles, she eats more and more brownies and takes more and more insulin; after all of the insulin her arms become gang green and are removed, where she becomes the piece of sex meat she was ment to be. She has achieved her status in life and still eats brownies but now recieves disability form the government so she now shops exclusively at wal-mart. Her picture was posted online and now she is famous. horray for wal-mart. your life is complete your great grandaughter is famous.

I wish i had enough care to spell check or fix the grammer mistakes.

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