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Originally Posted by MyButtPlug View Post
Your reason doing a marathon show is hard is because:

A. I questioned whether it was hard
B. I don't have any experience
C. Therefore it is hard.

Is that correct?
No. My reason for why it was hard was expressed thus:

Originally Posted by thepetek View Post
I understand the withdrawls some of ya are feeling. Last night as the show was on it's 76th hour, I was thinking, "I got a few more hours in me, c'mon guys." But realistically? If you were paying attention, it sounds like the studio is awfully close to Keith and Chemda's room (which is also why they won't be lending out the studio for the Matt Bray morning zoo podcast). It was also starting to stank up in there, and the lower part of the house was beginning to look like a shipping container from China. (Maybe that's a NY thing: every few years a shipping container from China seems to wash up in Brooklyn with a bunch of half dead illegals packed in like sardines).

So relax, listen to some of last year's marathon or parts of this year you recorded. Write up some Haipu's. Or go out and get some fresh air. And of course, pray that they do this again next year. Now they have to break 76 hours. (I'm guessing 80, or the full 4 day 86. 2012 will be the full business week marathon, then the world ends).

I also have to give a big hand to Jesse Joyce. Even though Pat Dixon may be "1000 times funnier" than him, Jesse was a real trooper, holding together the late night (EST) hours with nothing but a fake cigarette and lots of diet soda, while many around him got truly messed up.
Your B statement appears to be true. Your C statement is unproven.

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