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Originally Posted by MyButtPlug View Post
Mcnally implied the A+B=C argument that I stated above (as did everyone else after that, more directly than McNally did) It is not logical. It's obviously false. A and B have no relation to C at all.
Again, your understanding of logic know what? I don't want to insult Chimps. Let's break it down.

Originally Posted by McNally View Post
Dude, try to do a single podcast that's one hour long which anyone would want to listen to. Then worry about how hard marathons are.
Do podcast. Listenable Opine on Marathon

So not obviously false. It's really on you to prove you can make a listenable podcast. Or at least a podcast. Til then, you owe McNally an apology.

Originally Posted by MyButtPlug View Post
You are the only one who made any meaningful statement at all. So in response to you I would say that if they move their bedroom away from the studio they could do the marathon for longer.
1) No, I was the only one who pointed out you were a douche. 2) Then buy a fuckload of books's not like they decided they were gonna put the studio and the bedroom in the east wing, while leaving the west wing open for sculpture gardens.

You rich people, assuming everyone has a mansion or two, make me sick. Also, you still owe McNally an apology, because he paid attention in his logic class.
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