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Originally Posted by MyButtPlug View Post
wow, i tried to be civil to you but you are really a fucking retard, aren't you?
It is not on me to prove I can podcast!! How does that relate to whether it's hard to do a marathon or not???? For fuck's sake, open your fucking brain. There's even a name for your logical fallacy, its so commonly used. (sorry to use BIG words everyone)

Fallacy: Genetic Fallacy

If I've never seen the sky before, and I say it's blue--doesnt mean it's not blue because i've never seen it!
Again, you logic is sloppy. Your final statement is (t)(t/f)=(t/f) it is neither true nor false (a fallacy)

You really should understand the links before you post them.

Until you can prove that McNally's position is true or false, you cannot claim it is false.

You should either drop a podcast that many listen to, or give up and apologize.

I'm not saying he's right. I'm saying you have not proven he's wrong.


Oh, and no one else cares. Just you and me. Use whatever words you want. I'll let you know when you use them incorrectly.
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